Friday, March 22, 2013

Evan turning 3!

Evan is turning 3 tomorrow!!!  I can't believe i am going to have a 3 year old.  And Colton will be 1 next month.  My boys certainly keep me busy.  Evan is doing awesome going potty in the potty (i say that, and just yesterday he pooped his pants! but other than that!).  We've had lots of bumps and bruises the last few weeks, but none that needed the ER (so that's pretty good right???).  I love my crazy boys!

We loved having tessy bear and noah come visit!  Oh and aunt britty of course!  I especially love having pregnant britt here cuz she makes me buy all sorts of treats!!! Darn huh???

My sweet little colty colt decided to pull my blow dryer on his face (this is what happens when daddy is out of town!!! All falls apart!)

Not sure if you can see evan's words.  His new thing is making sure every letter is a different color!  Silly boy

Evan's nice head wound from falling down the stairs and right into metal balluster.  Too much excitement going on!  He was fine as soon as he got some "milkers"

Brad has been wanting an aquarium and well, i don't want him to have one!  Haha, so we made this for him one day to hopefully have the idea pass.  =) It's just as good right???

Jerry asked one day if Colton had a lazy eye... i'm starting to believe he does!  Haha

Colton loves sneaking away and up the stairs any chance he gets. 


Lindsay said...

I don't see letters i see WORDS!! ball, cat dog elephant, grape, hat.. haha he is sooo dang smart!!

Lindsay said...

oh my goodness why do i love these boys soooo much!!!! ah!

Lindsay said...

colton looks like brad!