Friday, February 8, 2013


Boys Boys Boy!  My house is filled with them, and i love them all!! Colton is at my favorite baby age.  His smile lights up his whole face (just like evans did at that age).  He will be 10 months old!  Crazy!  He is crawling around, but still prefers to stick to the army crawl.  Evan is currently potty training, which is going pretty well.  Life is good!

I just realized they both have the same hair flipping out! 

These boys USUALLY play well together.  Whenever Colton has a toy that Evan wants, evan will "Exchange" Colton's toy from something else.  Silly boy.

This kid always has bruises on his forehead.... and everywhere else! In the words of my brothers, "why do you even let them outside!"

Don't you love when a random cheerio ends up on the forehead?!

I guess we have a new addition to our family that we didn't know about! Too much tv????  (Excuse the no pants, potty training is easier without them!)

Playing?  or Wrestling?

Come on boys, I just want one good picture!

This is what no nap looks like by the end of the day. 

Colt finally making it up onto his knees!  Evan said, "mama mama! Colton is on his knees!  Yay!"

I try so hard to get a good picture of the both of them together! 

Ooh i could just kiss this face all day!


Lindsay said...

I love love love these boys!! ah, they are so precious!! Oh my goodness, your commentary makes me laugh =) Where did Colt get his squnity eyes, and i agree his smile totally lights up the whole room! I love my boys!

April Aleman said...

We here are the opposite... girls, girls, girls. Poor Wes!

Brittany said...

I love those boys!