Friday, March 22, 2013

Evan turning 3!

Evan is turning 3 tomorrow!!!  I can't believe i am going to have a 3 year old.  And Colton will be 1 next month.  My boys certainly keep me busy.  Evan is doing awesome going potty in the potty (i say that, and just yesterday he pooped his pants! but other than that!).  We've had lots of bumps and bruises the last few weeks, but none that needed the ER (so that's pretty good right???).  I love my crazy boys!

We loved having tessy bear and noah come visit!  Oh and aunt britty of course!  I especially love having pregnant britt here cuz she makes me buy all sorts of treats!!! Darn huh???

My sweet little colty colt decided to pull my blow dryer on his face (this is what happens when daddy is out of town!!! All falls apart!)

Not sure if you can see evan's words.  His new thing is making sure every letter is a different color!  Silly boy

Evan's nice head wound from falling down the stairs and right into metal balluster.  Too much excitement going on!  He was fine as soon as he got some "milkers"

Brad has been wanting an aquarium and well, i don't want him to have one!  Haha, so we made this for him one day to hopefully have the idea pass.  =) It's just as good right???

Jerry asked one day if Colton had a lazy eye... i'm starting to believe he does!  Haha

Colton loves sneaking away and up the stairs any chance he gets. 

Friday, February 8, 2013


Boys Boys Boy!  My house is filled with them, and i love them all!! Colton is at my favorite baby age.  His smile lights up his whole face (just like evans did at that age).  He will be 10 months old!  Crazy!  He is crawling around, but still prefers to stick to the army crawl.  Evan is currently potty training, which is going pretty well.  Life is good!

I just realized they both have the same hair flipping out! 

These boys USUALLY play well together.  Whenever Colton has a toy that Evan wants, evan will "Exchange" Colton's toy from something else.  Silly boy.

This kid always has bruises on his forehead.... and everywhere else! In the words of my brothers, "why do you even let them outside!"

Don't you love when a random cheerio ends up on the forehead?!

I guess we have a new addition to our family that we didn't know about! Too much tv????  (Excuse the no pants, potty training is easier without them!)

Playing?  or Wrestling?

Come on boys, I just want one good picture!

This is what no nap looks like by the end of the day. 

Colt finally making it up onto his knees!  Evan said, "mama mama! Colton is on his knees!  Yay!"

I try so hard to get a good picture of the both of them together! 

Ooh i could just kiss this face all day!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas 2012

Man, I have been terrible at doing the blog!  Does anyone even read blogs anymore?!?!  I'll try and catch everyone up!

Our sweet Colt is already 8 months old!  He reminds us so much of Evan.  He is a good little boy and we love him and Evan so much. 

I left the room for a minute and came back to see Colton hiding  =)

Evan is a great older brother.  He is constantly telling Colton "sshhhhh honey honey honey" whenever he starts to cry.  Or he says, "it's okay Colton, don't cry."  My favorite is when Evan will try and make Colton smile in the car.

Grandpa Lees giving horsey rides

The Reunion wore our sweet Evan out!

 Bensen eating his snack at the zoo

Tessy Bear fell asleep on Britt's shoulder.... soooo sweet

Mark tried to play a trick on Brittany... it backfired!

I love this picture of Mark and Ryan

Evan doesn't know how to keep the marker on the paper only!

Brad set the tent up for the boys to have "a campout." Good dad or what??!

The tent may or may not still be up even though it's been a few weeks  =)

Dad of the year?!  I think so.  Even Evan's doctor told brad after watching them together at an appointment, "i can tell you have a special relationship with your son." It's true, he loves his boys

My handsome boys wearing Christmas ties

Evan was a shepherd for the Christmas program

The traditional christmas dance to Dolly Parton's Christmas songs

Brad's "reincarnated" blanket for one of his presents. 

A new wagon!!!

Evan is officially in a big boy bed!  He has only gotten out once so far.  We awoke to him crying at about 3:30 in the morning.  We were impressed he made it all the way downstairs in the dark without hurting himself!  

All in all it has been a great year!  Brad is going back to school for yet ANOTHER Masters, (MBA this time), and keeps busy with his calling in the Young Men program.  I keep busy with my two little boys!